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Best of its kind anywhere. Joe is warm and professional - what a great combination. Don't go anywhere else.


Fred H.

Eagle Postal Center is down the street from my office. Having packages shipped here is a LOT more convenient than trying to rush home after work to the apartment complex before they close. As a nerd I really enjoy the sci-fi collection displayed behind the counter. But more important than location and decoration, Joe is great to work with. He is very friendly and remembers the names of his customers. He consistently provides good and efficient service whether you're shipping, picking up, or getting supplies. 
There was one time when I needed to ship out an engine part for work and our FedEx pick up had already come and gone so I went to Joe...his pick up had already happened too and instead of just taking the package and shipping it the next day, he directed me to the FedEx store down the road whose pick up hadn't occurred yet. That's top notch customer service when you're willing to give up a few dollars to do right by the customer.

Ian T.

Joe is my "go to guy" to get packages to my military family member stationed overseas. You are always greeted by name and with a smile. It is a pleasure doing business with Joe.

Robin L.

I used Eagle Postal Center on the recommendation of my mother and have been extremely pleased. I have used EPC for both domestic an international shipping. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone. Top of the line business, run by top of the line people!

Austin T.

Excellent service and dedicated Christian owner make this my stop for notary services and mailing packages when not using USPS.

-Adam G.

The owner Joe is the nicest gentleman you will ever meet. Even on Christmas Eve, right before closing, he assisted me and my shipping needs, was very polite and offered me all the different and best shipping options. His customer service went above and beyond what I expected! I will only ship from here from now on!

-Holly P.

As others have said. Nothing to see here but top of the mark service. I have been a customer for years and have only good things to say.

-Govnor H.

Highly recommend. "Yoo" will be taken care of!

Jeremy B.

Awesome customer service! You don't find that at many places these days.

Brian S.

This is the best pack and ship store in the city! Joe knows everybodys first name and is excellent do do business with. I have been doing business with him for many years and i highly recommend them!!!

Thomas C.

Joe has always taken great care of me and my family's needs for shipping, packaging, notary services, etc. What a fine establishment with an owner who truly cares about his customers and their needs. Thanks Joe for everything.

Jeff B.

Excellent, competent and very friendly service and very reasonable prices! I highly recommend this business and will be bringing all my future shipments here instead of to the post office. What a breath of fresh air!

Angela M.

I have been an Eagle Postal Center Customer for more than six months and I’m extremely happy with the exceptional service Joe provides.

This past year my wife was serving our country overseas and my job kept me on the road more than half of every week. Despite living in a seemingly nice neighborhood, I had several parcels stolen from my front patio while I was away. This lead to concerns about the possibility of identity theft and prompted me to start a search for a secure place to receive both our US Postal Mail and other parcel deliveries.

Joe provides that and more. He not only signs for all packages but also sends me an e-mail when they arrive. He even stores my overflowing mail during those occasional times when I spent too much time on the road and my mailbox was filled. He has even forwarded our mail to me when I could not get back in town. In short, Joe helps make my life easier and my identity safer by taking care of my mail.

The bonus and is that Joe always has a smile and a kind word to add cheer to my day.


I decided to go the Eagle Postal for the first time based on the solid reviews here. They're spot on!! I came to Joe to ship a large package. He was helpful, personable, and a true pleasure to deal with. He really takes it upon himself to go the extra mile to ensure his customers are well taken care of. I'll never go to another FedEx or UPS store as long as he's around.


Joe the owner was great, professional, and very helpful. If you have any shipping needs or need a great place for a shipping address this is the place. Will recommend to anyone on the DFW area. Joe open one in Las Colinas or Dallas side of the metro.


Joe is the new owner of this place and has really increased the bar to an unprecedented level. Their customer service is outstanding, and he went out of his way to take care of me. I will always trust this guy to do the right thing.


Joe is absolutely the BEST in customer service. He goes above and beyond the call of duty for all his customers!

He also is always positive, friendly and very helpful.

You can count on Joe.


Joe is the man!

The entire store is so welcoming and is full of positive energy. The reason of course is Joe! He was so polite, jovial and helpful that I even forgot that I had come there to ship a package. He helped me get online and get the address I needed and I even got a free bottled drink just for stopping by.

This place is so much more than just shipping that I would like to call it FedEx Plus!


Experience the best customer service available and someone who is always ready to go the extra mile - Joe is the Man


Joe, the owner is awesome and is really what makes this store the best mail center around. He emails you whenever you have a package, is always there to greet you by name, helps carry packages out to your car, say "God bless you!" As you leave. Kids love it there too. Lots of toys in case mom needs a few minutes to get a parcel ready. Joe's store displays an incredibly awesome collection of Star Wars Storm Troopers memerobelia that would even make the cast of The Big Bang Theory green with envy if they saw it. I had an old self-inking stamp ware out that I brought in because I knew he sold replacements but to my surprise he offered to refill the ink in the stamp for free rather than trying to sell me a new one like it's always been before with other stores. The store also offers you a nice "Southlake Blvd" address for your mail. I like it because it's easy to spell over the phone or write when you're giving your address to someone and it's a recognizable address that I'm sure is good for business people as well. They give you 24-hr access to your box with a coded front door for after hours. Once we received a FedEx box that was damaged. Joe noticed it and took the necessary action to make sure FedEx was aware it arrived damaged. Luckily the contents were OK but just another example of how well this business is run.

Michael W.

As others have said. Nothing to see here but top of the mark service. I have been a customer for years and have only good things to say.

Govnor H.

Joe is the best! Always helpful, looks for best price on shipping, touches up my taping, etc. could go other places but don't Joe knows his customers and makes one feel important.

Marilyn M.

Love Joe and his family, EXCELLENT service.

We continue to do business with them for a reason!

Candy R.

Have done business with Joe for years, Always helpful, always cheerful.

You can always count on Joe to go above and beyond the call

If you need any of the many shipping/packaging/mailing services he offers, you won't be disappointed.

Greg P.

I had a few different types of items to take care of. I needed a box for a package to be sent priority mail, I needed to have a document notarized and sent regular mail, I needed to over night a package via FedEx or UPS and buy some stamps. I'm a stay at home mom of 2 young babies and its not easy for me to get a lot of things done in one outing, but I was able to get all of these things done in one place with the kiddos. The store had toys for the kids to play with and keep them occupied so I can focus on shipping the different items out correctly. It was so helpful. The owner Joe was also very helpful and quick. He really knows his stuff. This is my spot to go to for any shipping, notary and packaging.

Leilani B.

Very impressed with the service I received from Joe today. He introduced himself to me, asked for my continued business, was friendly and efficient and offered me a free bottled drink from his shop. Joe ought to run for office! But until then, I'll be back for my shipping needs.

Leslie H.

There are very few people like Joe, the owner. Always greets me by name, asks about my family and is always providing top notch service. More importantly he always has smile on his face and wants to make sure you the customer is treated in the best manner possible.

Bruce K.

Joe is an amazing guy, he takes care of all our needs when we have to send out documents to clients.
He is always there to offer help with a smile on his face.

Thanks Joe
From your friends at Cruise Holidays of Southlake

Gloria C.